by Jonah

[Date Unknown.]

Well, that was quite a week. And it’s just going to get busier. I’ll have to see if I can find time to chronicle the events that take place.

Stephanie came home on Wednesday. We were all very happy to see her. The crew (Nathan, Eric, and Carolyn) came over as well as the rest of Nathan’s family and Caroline’s mother and two sisters. We met Stephanie at the airport (Nathan skipped his last class to do so) and then came back to the house for supper and a spirited game of Balderdash. Stephanie was so tired that she almost fell asleep during the game.

I tried out and got a part in the University of Mobile’s drama department’s production of Snow White. I was originally assigned a part in a different play being put on during fall break. But when I said I was going to be out of town then, I was reassigned as a lady in waiting in Snow White. The part of Christabel was double cast, which is pretty stupid considering that she only has three lines. On Thursday, however, Mrs. Murphree summoned me into her office and asked if I would rather be Bashful. I said that I thought I was probably shy enough. Just kidding! Actually, I agreed. So now I’ll be Bashful in half of the performances. I’ll also appear at the mall on November 12 when Santa Clause comes. The guy who was originally Bashful couldn’t make it then, so the part had to be double cast. But I’m happy. No, sorry. I’m BASHFUL. I just FEEL happy.

Anyway, rehearsals are going to take a major chunk of my time from now till October 5th when the show opens. It should be fun, though. Now that I’ve got a meaningful part. If I became a theater minor, I’d be pretty much assured a part in any production. But I refuse to do anything but my best, and I if I get a part in any play, I want it to be because of my own achievement. That and the theater minors have to work. As undecided, I don’t. Ha!

Guess that’s about it. Got to get back to catching up on homework and reading assignments now.

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