I went to the college Democrats meeting today. Not because I’m a democrat. I went to see Don Womack, the candidate running against Sonny Callahan, our current U.S. representative. I like to take every chance I get to meet the people who are running for office. I went to the room where the meeting was taking place and was greeted by Dr. Schaefer (my political science professor), Dr. Hinson (my history professor), the young man who was attempting to start up the Democrat’s club, and Don Womack himself. That was it. I was the only student who showed up. And I’m not even a Democrat! We listened to Mr. Womack talk about himself for about an hour. At one point, Dr. Harwell, one of the other history professors, poked his head in the door. Dr. Schaefer invited him in. “Oh, no,” he answered.”I do not cross this line. My credibility is at stake!”

“Well, I’m a Republican,” said Dr. Hinsen. “And I’m in here.”

I came to this meeting with an open mind, ready to accept whatever this candidate had to say. But none of what he said made sense. I really got the impression that this guy was an idiot! Oh, well. No candidate should run unopposed. At one point the guy said “Nowback in the days of my grandmother, there were houses that not only did not have bathrooms, they didn’t even have outhouses! Now what the Democrats did is they came along and had outhouses built for all these houses. And to me, that’s what being a Democrat is all about.” I’m serious! I’m not making this up! He actually said this. It kind of makes me think… no, I won’t say it…

We were working on doing our scenes without scripts today at rehearsal for
Snow White. Everyone kept stepping on each other’s lines, omitting lines, and
continuing without them. Part of the problem is that a whole lot of the lines
are the same. Sleepy says “Is it time to go to bed yet?” several times.
Grumpy’s lines alternate between “Bah.” and “Mush.” And all Sneezy ever does
is punctuate the dialogue with sneezes. So it’s very easy to say your line
after the correct cue but in the wrong scene. The script was not written very
well, and that may have something to do with it.

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