On the way to Holly’s tonight, we were listening to the soundtrack to That Thing You Do which led to Max telling Dennis he needed to be exposed to Jacob’s Trouble and how the best song is These Thousand Hills which we listened to all across Wyoming and how that was a fun road trip and shouldn’t we do that again sometime?

“Mount Rushmore!” I suggested.

“We can all chip in and allow four days and go, you want to?” said Max, “We could go week after next.”

“Uh, that’s in the middle of camp.”

So I dunno.I think Max is planning on being around for camp, which would be REALLY nice. We can use all the experienced counselors we can get.

Dang, I’ve got that stupid Thing You Do song stuck in my head now. You hear it like four times in the movie.

When we got home tonight, Max said, “I’m going to bed,” but then ran downstairs, ripping his shirt off. He ran back up a minute later, another shirt unbuttoned and sticking his handgun into a holster. He ran out the back door saying, “I’ll be back in a sec.” Dennis went running after him, then ran out the front door, since Max had run around to that side of the house. He came back in a minute. Then Max came back saying something like, “I’m back. Goodnight,” and going downstairs for good.

He heard something as we were coming in. Which is why he stood out in the driveway staring north instead of coming in and snapped, “It’s symbolic, Jonah,” when he wanted me to shut up so he could hear better.

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