I just got back from the Stones’, where I went over songs with Shawn. Justin managed to come away with a bag full of beef ribs, which he and Dennis and Grody and the cats and I just ate, and books on C,_Schrodinger’s Kittens_, and _The Linux Bible, as well as Linux slackware3.2. So I’ve been eating ribs and reading the linux bible. I found it humorous that Shawn, who’s a double E major, and Justin, who’s taking a class on C, didn’t know how to pronounce “Linux.” It’s all in thecompany you keep, I suppose.

“Before you looms one of the most complex and utterly intimidating systems every written. Linux, the free UNIX clone for the personal computer, produced by a mishmash team of UNIX gurus, hackers,and the occasional loon.” –page 9

“Linux is not difficult to install and use. However, as with any implementation of UNIX, there is often some black magic involved to get everything working correctly. We hope that this book will get you on the Linux tour bus and show you how groovy this operating system can be.” –page 14

“Linux is a freely distributable version of UNIX developed primarily by Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki in Finland…Linux was originally developed as a hobby project by Linus Torvalds.” –page 15

0.01 was made available in 1991

It’s a huge book. Almost 1600 pages. I didn’t get past the introduction.

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