Where’s Slim

by Jonah


TVI and I were looking at B&N at the men are from mars women are from venus interactive CD rom for Macintoshes. We also saw men are from mars women are from venus In the Bedroom. We each picked up a copy commenting about how he had a new book out and stuff. Then we put them quickly down. I guess the title didn’t really strike us to begin with.

Barney was there with Parker Lewis. We were talking about Slim, and Boogie
Man suggested we each take a quadrant of the store and go around asking
people, “Are you Slim?” Somebody commented that some women would find that
offensive, when Barney piped up, “But Slim’s a guy…” Can we say blonde?

I flunked my chem lab final and made a C on my last chemistry test. Sigh.
Right now I’m trying hard to get a B in that class…

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  1. Jen Blake (TVI) Says:

    Hey- I think it is funny that not too far from the post that Dan found about Chad Sides there is one about Me, Shane’s Brother Corey (AKA Parker Lewis) and his ex girlfriend Cheryl (Barney). What ever happened to Scott Inman? The Inmaniac site was gone last time I looked and I didn’t have any luck with his old email address.


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