I had fun last night. Jobie Watson spent the night too. She’s a freak, but I
like her. Her father’s a pastor and her mom’s a school teacher. She changes
the color of her hair every so often. She wears weird clothes. She swears
and is trying to quit smoking. She just graduated with a theater degree and
is going to graduate school in Hattisburg.

First we went to the mall and ate at Ruby Tuesdays. I had this fetticinie
thing that had vegetables but it was greasy. Then they dragged me shopping.
I got this neat light over sweater jacket thing that they said I needed at the
Express. It was on sale for 6 bucks.

Next we went to B&N. I put on the jacket thing because all I was wearing was
a stained t-shirt. We perused the books and then met Matt Humphrey in the
cafe and drank coffee. The fall is probably going to be his last semester.
I’m going to miss him.

After that we all returned to the apartment and flipped through the channels. Jobie started playing her guitar but didn’t have pick so she found a hair pick lying around and played with that. After Matt left, we made our way over to Sting’s place, but no one would answer the door. We returned and played around on the modem some and even called up DS9, but only Beren and Ocean were there, and I still haven’t been validated. We went back over to Scott’s after calling them onthe phone because Jobie wanted to meet this guy who could play the guitar awesomely since she plays too.

I played on the NZ while Elizabeth talked to Sting about CD’s and he played the guitar. Then we went out and watched Army of Darkness with Ron and Jonathan. I’d heard so many lines from Eric that I could predict what Ash was going to say before he said it. “Good, Bad… I’m the guy with the gun.” Sting had to go take some girl home but told me to stay until he got back. This was because he wanted to show me his car. Very nice.
Elizabeth, Jobie, and I went back to the apartment and played on the modem some more. Jobie thinks it’s the neatest thing.

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