Hey..I guess I got it right…I couldn’t remember if it was Berckums or Berck!
Did you know I’m playing sax? Actually tenor, it pretty cool. I’m playing it
in jazz band and we’re really good. I suck at tenor but I just started. I
wanted to play alto but the school didn’t have one. You woulda liked jazz
band…its pretty fun. Lauren’s in it too..she also plays tenor. I’m
praciticing right now…the only problemis it cuts up my lips with my braces.
Well, I just felt so I good I needed SOMEONE to tell. (I’ve had a very good
two days) Oh yeah, we’re going on a field trip to that los colanes movie
studio place in a few weeks! Isn’t that right by your school? Mom might come
too and see you…I dunno yet. Well, I’ll talk to ya later.
Love ya,
PS there’s this really cool place in Virginia that wants me to apply where
you go in 9th grade and when you graduate you have a college undergrad and a
high school degree! Wouldn’t that be so ausome?

One response to “Letter from Syd (3)”

  1. Kelsey Avatar

    Wow. There it is in writing. It’s like finding a journal entry from someone in New York in the towers on 9/11/01 saying “That was funny. I think something large must have just fallen upstairs…”

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