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    Turkey Soup Recipe

    Make a broth from the Thanksgiving turkey with some carrot peels, celery tops, peppercorns, a couple cloves of garlic, and a bay leaf.  Obviously, discard all that.

    Chop up lots of carrots, celery, a bell pepper and a couple onions and cook the ever living stuffing out of them in the grease you pulled off the top of the broth you made.

    After they’ve been cooking for several hours, add the broth, a big can of tomatoes, a lot of basil, less oregano, some fresh rosemary, some Worcestershire, maybe a little thyme, and some bullion powder. Oh, and another bay leaf.  

    Search the cabinets and realize you only have one can of cannellini beans. Add those.

    Realize you forgot garlic.  Chop up a few cloves and add them.

    Remember that there’s a stalk of chard in the fridge from making oysters rockefeller.  Chop that up and add. 

    Once it’s almost dinner time, turn the simmering soup up to high, then search through your pasta boxes and pick out the dried tortellini package.  Throw that in there.

    Slice up a package of sausages, like a Colorado company that specializes in Italian style sausage but tried its hand at making Andouille anyway. Fry up the sausages slices in a pan, making sure both sides are nicely browned.  Keep tasting them to make sure.  Maybe taste one more.

    Dump the sausage in the pot.  Deglaze the pan with some vermouth. Dump that in too.

    Add the less than half a container of ricotta in the fridge that your husband used to make spinach roll up pasta that calls for a heaping cup of ricotta.

    Add some cream.

    Correct for salt.

    Don’t forget the pepper!

    Serve topped with parmesan. 

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