About Private Posts

There are posts marked private on this blog. You can’t see them unless you’re logged in. I do this for fairly obvious reasons, and only certain types of posts are marked private.  If you’re someone I know, you’re more than welcome to read the private posts. If you’re someone I don’t know, that’s probably fine too, you just need to tell me who you are, and I’ll probably be glad to let you read them as well.

In order to see the private posts you need an account on Our Dumb Blog.  In order to get an account, send an e-mail to flyboy at the wonderful webmail from google (gmail).  I’ll create an account for you and the private posts will be visible once you log in.

If you’d like to see the private posts via an RSS feed, you can now do that!

Just log in to the blog, and the RSS link at the bottom will include a feed key. Put this in your RSS reader and you should be able to see the private posts.